Robin is a Michigan State University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. Their primary areas of interest are in Spacecraft Software Engineering, Wireless and Communication Systems, Embedded Systems, RF circuit design, and Artificial Intelligence. Robin is particularly interested in exercising the skills they have acquired over years of study at MSU and Pathways internships with NASA Johnson Space Center within the context of human spaceflight.

As alluded to previously, Robin has engaged in eight internship rotations with NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. There they worked in a variety of different branches to gain a diverse exposure to the various operations at NASA JSC. Robin’s first two internships with NASA JSC were through the University Space Research Association (USRA/NIFS) program. There they developed a tool known as HOMER which examines Orion memory and dumps requested telemetry to Java Mission Evaluation Workstation software. HOMER is now used in Orion integration labs across the country.

After Robin’s first two internships, they were admitted into the Pathways internship program, where they had the opportunity to perform multiple work rotations with NASA JSC while completing their Computer Engineering Degree. Their first Pathways internship was with the Avionics Systems Division, Wireless Communications Branch. There they tested and optimized RFID enabled embedded systems for tracking stowage aboard the International Space Station and developed supporting embedded software tools for REALM engineers. Their next rotation was within flight operations, specifically the Spaceflight Systems Division, Command & Data Handling Branch. During this rotation Robin integrated HOMER into Artemis flight-control operations, supported Orion communication testing (SpaceComm) with display, computation, and procedure development, and learned essential flight controller skills for human spaceflight. To expand their range of experiences, Robin then did a Pathways rotation with the Robotics and Simulation Division, Robotics Branch. There they developed test software for the Valkyrie humanoid robot. Robin then performed two rotations with the Avionics Systems Division, Command & Data Handling Branch. During this time, they developed a Wireless Access Point (WAP) for the Gateway lunar space station, as well as a custom FPGA design to perform Cross-Correlation for high-resolution and non-invasive gauging of both settled and unsettled liquids in reduced gravity. Most recently Robin worked in the Avionics Systems Division, Electronic Design and Manufacturing Branch, during which they learned the fundamentals of EMI, EMC, and spacecraft charging, as well as supported the E3 team.

Robin is a very passionate Computer Engineer and is highly dedicated to this field. Robin is a versatile, resilient person, and with the experience they have acquired over years of study and work experience, they have become an excellent problem-solver in the field of Computer Engineering.